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If you are in B2B complex technical sales, or you manage a team of B2B complex technical sellers, then the Sales Integrity Podcast is for you. This podcast is all about helping sales professionals, leaders and organizations who sell complex technical products, services and solutions to increase sales and earn more money. This is a weekly podcast that airs 3 days per week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This podcast is dedicated to helping you become better prepared, more organized and highly productive to establish credibility, generate more leads and win more business. In summary, this is the no-nonsense sales podcast that will help you translate the ideas you discover on this show into actionable insights you execute upon in the real world of selling immediately.
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Feb 27, 2017

It is well known that the most successful people in the world, including the top sales professionals, are early risers and have established a very powerful morning routine to get themselves off to a great start to each day. Establishing a powerful morning routine is the focus of today’s podcast as Sean walks you through his morning routine to provide a framework to help you establish your own. If you already are an early riser this will provide you a framework to provide more of a structured ritual to your morning routine. If you aren’t getting up early and starting your day off with the same routine each day then you will want to listen to this episode to learn why you will want to start doing so immediately to help you achieve your sales and income goals. 

Feb 27, 2017

This is a special announcement from Sean Piket, host of the Sales Integrity Podcast, about feedback he has received from the podcast audience, lessons learned after 20 episodes and one month of podcasting, and improvements that will be made to the Sales Integrity Podcast.

Feb 24, 2017

Today we will talk about the “Power of 3” and how you can put that concept to work for you as it relates to sales messaging. More specifically, we will discuss the psychological advantage the "Power of 3" provides to improve your communication with prospects, customers, partners and anyone (even in your personal life) who you are trying to positively influence and persuade. We will peel back the onion a few layers to discuss where the “Power of 3” originated from and why we are pre-conditioned to learn in this manner, starting back in our early childhood learning stage of life. After listening to this episode you will look at the way you communicate differently moving forward and will want to immediately update all of your sales messaging scripts, talk tracks and templates to put yourself in a better position to achieve your sales and income goals. 

Feb 23, 2017

Today we throw it back to an American self-help author inspired by the New Thought movement, Napoleon Hill. Hill is best known for his book "Think and Grow Rich”, which has sold over 20 million copies and is among the top 10 best selling self-help books of all time. Instead of doing a book review to learn valuable lessons from Hill’s iconic book, we will actually look at the man himself. We will walk through his epic life journey of ups and downs and learn the most valuable lesson of all from Hill - how to handle and overcome adversity in life during our darkest moments and times of struggle. If you want to hear a little known inspiring story to help you apply Hill’s life lesson of persevering in your own life, then you will want to listen to this episode.

Feb 22, 2017

Barry Saltzman is the founder of Saltzman Management Group and a top Sales, Sales Leadership and Culture Coach and Consultant. Barry joins this Wisdom Wednesday episode of the Sales Integrity Podcast to discuss the profile of a perfect sales professional, what true leadership likes look, how to create a winning sales culture, what percentage of an average salesperson’s time is spent on productive tasks, and what the top 3 traits are of the ideal sales professional. Learn about all this and more on this powerful podcast episode when Sean Piket interviews Barry Saltzman!

Feb 21, 2017
Today we review a Top 5 list to review the top 5 aspects of selling you should always prepare for in order to position yourself for success every time. Preparation is a skill. You either do it or you don’t. You are either good at it or you are not. You either take it seriously or you don’t. The good thing is that preparation is also a choice and you can choose to improve the way you prepare starting today. Listen to this podcast episode to find out where you should direct your preparation efforts the most.
Feb 20, 2017
Today we answer the question of “What does it mean to truly have ’Sales Integrity’?”. We discuss the importance of your inner dialogue and how you should first start with yourself and your view of your sales career as a first step towards truly having “Sales Integrity”. Furthermore, we clearly define what it means to have “Sales Integrity” as a B2B tech sales professional. And finally, we direct you to the key aspects of your sales game for where you can start to examine whether or not you are truly demonstrating “Sales Integrity” as a sales professional.
Feb 17, 2017

Today we keep it short and sweet. We will discuss one simple idea to help you shorten your sales cycles. We walk through a very specific storyboard of an example most all complex technical B2B salespeople have experienced at one time or another, if not currently experiencing. We dissect the process associated to moving sales cycles forward faster with busy senior executives. If you have sales cycles that are taking longer than you anticipated and want to rethink your process to sell more in less time, then you will want to listen to this episode to learn (or refresh your memory) about a simple tactic that should be part of your normal weekly sales cadence.

Feb 16, 2017
Today we focus on personal productivity and procrastination - two very pertinent topics for sales professionals. We will take a look at these topics by throwing it back to Brian Tracy’s famous book with a catchy title, named “Eat That Frog!”. We will discuss how social technology platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others impact your prime selling time as it relates personal productivity. We will take two lessons from the “Eat That Frog!” book and determine how they apply in today’s modern social selling world. Finally, we will end with some questions for you to ask yourself as it relates to creating and executing upon your social selling strategy and approach. 
Feb 15, 2017

If you are the type of sales professional who would like to learn new, different and unique ideas to improve the way you sell, then you will definitely want to listen to this value-packed Sales Integrity Podcast episode! Sales Psychology Academy Founder Jim Fortin is an international subconscious selling and high performance expert with over two decades of expertise in brain based selling and performance. Using NeuroLinguistics and behavioral science Jim has created a powerful new selling technology called NeuroPersuasion®. These persuasive techniques can help you shorten your selling cycles and significantly improve your sales performance – fast. Jim joins the show as this week’s guest and boy did he provide a ton of action-oriented advice you can immediately apply to sell more and earn more. Jim’s average client income is $750K/year. After you listen to Jim’s ideas and concepts he shared on the show you will know why. Jim defines the difference between “influence”, “persuasion” and “manipulation” and how each concept affects the selling process. Jim also discusses how sales professionals can leverage the power of "post hypnotic suggestion" within their sales messaging to become more influential and persuasive, which helps you sell more of your products, services and solutions. Today’s episode is longer than normal but for good reason as you will find out after listening to the show!

Feb 14, 2017

Today we discuss how to tactically apply the power of professional persistence as a B2B tech sales professional. Since the average sale occurs between the 7th and 12th touch point, we walk through a step-by-step approach to creating a customized systematic sales messaging strategy. This strategy involves a mix of phone calls, emails, InMails and other communication methods that will include the use of value-based messaging and Tangible Value Assets to continue to reach out to prospects well beyond that magic 7th touch point. If you are wanting to increase your sales pipeline with more qualified opportunities, and add value every step of the way while building your sales pipeline, then you will want to listen to this episode.

Feb 13, 2017

Today we review the Power of Professional Persistence and how it affects your sales game. We discuss 3 very specific phrases, or reasons, you should not tell your prospects and customers is the reason for your call or email (and most sales professionals are guilty of using all three reasons). We will review two quick examples of talk tracks that demonstrate value-added touch points. Overall, you will want to listen to this episode to help you get in the right mindset for this week to help you master the game of complex technical selling. 

Feb 10, 2017
Today we finish up the week by taking a look at 2 crucial skills that top Sales Achievers apply to master the game of complex technical selling - Follow Up and Follow Through. If you think these two concepts are the same thing then think again. Although they are related, you will want to listen to this episode to see how they are cut from the same clothe and how they work together to form a dynamic duo of sales greatness. We finish this episode with four specific recommendations for taking your Follow Up and Follow Through game to the next level. 
Feb 9, 2017

Today we throw it back to a legend - Zig Ziglar - and learn how trust was the most important element of selling back in the 1990’s and how that compares with what is important in today’s selling world in 2017. We take lessons from two of Zig’s books: “See You at the Top”, published in 1975, and “Ziglar on Selling”, published in 1991. We look at how trust can be demonstrated using modern technology combined with social selling techniques to establish credibility, which leads to trust. You will want to listen to today's episode to find out how you can apply the lessons learned from Zig Ziglar on trust to your sales game in the modern era of selling.

Feb 8, 2017

Jeff Bishop is an Executive Sales Coach and the Founder of Effective Directions, an executive sales coaching and consulting firm. Jeff first got his start in tech industry sales at IBM after graduating at the top of his class at the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor in Business Administration. Jeff held numerous positions including Direct Sales, Sales Trainer, Sales Management, Sales & Marketing Director, and Strategic Planner during a nearly 14 year career at IBM. Jeff then worked at Entex Information Services as Sales Director and from there joined Winstar to run a $12 million professional services organization. Jeff achieved his Sales Integrity Certified Sales Coach designation in 2015 and has been delivering coaching services to B2B tech sales professionals leveraging the Sales Achievement Framework™ selling system each year since then. Jeff jumped on this Wisdom Wednesday episode interview to share some of his sales wisdom with Sales Integrity Nation regarding lead generation, social selling, cold calling, sales process management, closing skills and more.

Feb 7, 2017

Today we will uncover how top Sales Achievers prepare differently, and more importantly, how they operate differently than their underperforming peers. We will specifically focus on 6 core competencies, or 6 things top Sales Achievers do differently in an organized manner as it relates to strategically creating and tactically executing their sales plan to achieve their goals. Finally, using the 6 core competencies we will walk through a systematic approach you can use to setup, execute and track your customized sales pipeline development campaigns. 

Feb 6, 2017

Today we take a look at the mindset of two completely different types of salespeople: Common Salespeople who struggle and top-performing Sales Achievers who dominate. You will hear about a study conducted on both types of sales professionals to determine what sets them apart. Furthermore, you will learn about the top 3 habits of quota-crushing Sales Achievers, with one of the habits identified as the Keystone Habit that will most affect your success (or failure) as a sales professional. Finally, you will learn about the Mindset Mantra that will help keep these three habits top of mind on a daily basis.

Feb 3, 2017

We close this week out in strong fashion by sharing one tip to improve your closing skills by focusing on the trusty ole “Trial Close” technique. Is this technique old school and past its prime or is it still effective in today’s modern selling world? Do you understand the psychology behind the “Trial Close”? Do you know how the “Trial Close” can fit into your sales process? You will want to listen to this episode to find out all of this and more as we investigate use of the "Trial Close" in more detail.

Feb 2, 2017

Today we look back to a 2016 Harvard Business Review article titled “Despite Dire Predictions, Salespeople Aren’t Going Away”. That HBR article throws it back to a 1962 book titled “The Vanishing Salesman” as well as a New York Times article dating back 100 years that asked a provocative question: “Are salesman needless?” We roll all of this together to compare it to today’s complex technical B2B sales role to answer one question for today’s modern selling world: “Is the Sales Profession Dying?”. You will want to listen to today's episode to find out the answer to this controversial question.

Feb 1, 2017
Bob Minshall is the GM/COO of MyCoachSite, a coaching enablement software provider. With 30+ years experience in the tech industry, Bob has a proven track record selling technology-related products and services such as storage, server, networking, software, professional services and cloud applications. Bob imparts his wisdom to the B2B tech sales world by answering questions related to lead generation, social selling, cold calling, sales process management, closing skills and furthermore Bob sets the benchmark time for the show’s signature “sales cycle” round of rapid fire questions. Take a listen to learn some value nuggets Bob provides during this compelling Wisdom Wednesday interview.